Jim and Lori

To whom it may concern, 

We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our remodeled home. We are so glad that we invested in the RadioRA system. We knew that lighting was an important element in our remodel but really did not realize how much of a difference the right lighting system can make! 

We love how easy and convenient the RadioRA system is! With a simple touch of a button on the keypad, we light whatever room we want, whatever "mood" we want. It's as simple as rolling out of bed and pressing a button, or pulling into your driveway and touching a button on your garage door opener. 

We are cost conscious consumers and seriously thought about passing on the RadioRA system. We wanted nice lighting but thought that regular light switches with dimmers would give us the effect we wanted. We are happy to say that we decided to invest in the system and are glad that we did! It would have been very difficult or impossible to achieve the lighting goals that we envisioned for our new home without RadioRA. 

Thank you again for your professional service and we look forward to having your staff serve our lighting needs in future endeavors.

Mike Pontius