If you are building a new home or remodeling your present home, it's never too soon to consider your options for integrating a home entertainment system into your design. Whether you want to conceal or to showcase your electronics, Connected Lifestyle Engineering by Audio Warehouse is at your service. We will work with you, your architect, designer, and contractor to make sure that you have a system that completely suits your needs and lifestyle.

Our system designers enjoy bringing you the best viewing and listening experience available for your particular room. We consider room dimensions, ambient light levels, seating configuration and distances in specifying your projector/screen combination. Then we evaluate the construction and acoustics of your room and discuss personal tastes to suggest a loudspeaker, subwoofer, and electronics package. Next, we help you find the perfect control system to make your system fun and easy to use and can often integrate lighting control. Additionally, we can recommend acoustic treatments and noise isolation solutions. We can even help you design a themed theater through the resource of our professional theater designer. (Contact one of our system designers today to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.)