Ed W.

To whom it may concern: 

This is a letter of recommendation for Russ Pritchard and the Audio Warehouse. 

As my wife and I were having our house constructed on Kiawah Island (completed August 1999), we decided to include a theater and complete audio system. We solicited recommendations and bids from appropriate parties and decided to assign the project to the Audio Warehouse. We believed they could deliver the best value on a timely, responsible basis. 

Looking back over the two and one-half years since the project was completed, I can make the following observations: 

-The quality of the system is excellent. We constantly receive compliments from visitors. And, more importantly, we have enjoyed the system immensely. 

-The price was right and as promised. My definition of value is the best quality at the fairest price. We have a high value A/V system. 

-The Audio Warehouse staff has demonstrated excellent following-up service. They are always available to answer questions and operating advice in a very timely manner. 

-We have decided to occasionally upgrade and expand our system and have been very impressed with the innovation and creativity of the Audio Warehouse people. 

I was Chairman and CEO on one of the world's largest service companies, Saatchi and Saatchi. I believe I have a deep appreciation for the demands placed on any service-oriented company. In my experience, the Audio Warehouse provides the highest level of customer service. 

My wife and I are happy, satisfied customers. I would be glad to answer questions or amplify on the above.

Mike Pontius