S and V

An enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend! 

Virginia, the girls and I are just back from a long weekend in Kiawah - and wanted to send this group a note of sincere thanks for all of the creative energy and sweat equity each of you contributed in creating such a wonderful setting for our family. 

It took us 7 months, but this was really our first opportunity we had as a family to enjoy the house - with great weather (and no guests)! As we finally had an occasion to "nest" in the house with our girls, it gave us a profound appreciation for what a wonderful finished product you all have created - and one we hope to enjoy for many years to come. 

As we reflect back on the journey of the last 24 months, it's also very clear to us how frequently we needed to lean on your collective and individual instincts - particularly when we were physically or mentally unable to engage during Virginia's surgeries and treatment Windows. We will be forever grateful for all of your patience, perseverance and guidance throughout the process. 

Mike Pontius