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Middle Atlantic Rack fully wired, programmed, labeled, tested, burned-in, and ready for delivery.

Clever ways to mount and conceal touch panels.

How to properly integrate hi-tech with historic charm.

Multitasking Fun!

Sometimes, a closet alone will not do. Welcome to the equipment room.

Middle Atlantic pull out Axis rack with touch screen control.

Ultra quiet motorized shading in action.

Cool air slips in low at base of closed door and hot air is ventilated into attic.

Lighting control in action.

Two or three small equipment racks offer flexibility in cabinet design.

Can you spot all the technologies this kitchen offers? Lighting control, distributed audio, HDTV, internet access, central vacuum, and doorbell phone just for starters.

Contemporary or classic? Solutions for every decor.

Solution #1

Solution #2

Solution #3

Solution #4

Keypad controlled distributed audio and video enhance master bedrooms and baths.

Separate security panel, audio/video electronics rack and home networking interface panels maintain neatness and functionality.

Stylish system and equipment housing alternatives when built-ins are not an option.

Cabinet shelves can be used for equipment placement only when depth, ventilation, wire chases, a minimal number of components, and accessibility are carefully considered in advance.

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